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Why we are different to your average tutors?

At Inspired Minds Solutions, we're dedicated to personalised education on the Sunshine Coast. Understanding the unique needs of each family, we offer tailored services to ensure every child has access to engaging and high-quality learning opportunities. Founded to address the limitations of traditional classrooms, we focus on providing effective and nurturing alternatives, making education meaningful for every student. Join us in creating a brighter educational future for your child on the Sunshine Coast.​

Our Team, Your Teachers

The staff at Inspired Minds Solutions use a variety of teaching approaches to facilitate your child in achieving success. Our educators use direct instruction, child-led learning, STEAM, games and problem-based learning techniques. These have been proven to elicit high levels of engagement and make learning more relevant to the child.

Julie Tayyah

Founder and Experienced and Registered Teacher


Experienced and Registered Teacher and Language Specialist


Experience and Registered Teacher


Game Master

Meet Our Founder, Julie Tayyah

Our Values

As a mother to 2 very different children, both who are Neuro-divergent. I understand that every child is unique in their needs, interests and learning abilities. 

I am passionate about making learning fun, individualised and memorable. I have a keen intuition when it comes to recognising a child’s academic and social/emotional needs, this in turn breaks down barriers to engagement and learning.  

That's why I founded Inspired Minds Solutions,  to provide personalised educational services to your family as ongoing support and create success for all. 

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As a growing organisation we are constantly looking for more tutors, educators, alternative learning opportunities to offer our unique learning experiences. Explore our job board to see our open positions.

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