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Drop-Off Home School Co-Op

Drop-off days are great for forging new connections with other homeschool families and children. Our days have educational components aligned with the interests and needs of the group within a fun and social environment.

Service Description:

Our group drop off session are personalised learning opportunities that helps individuals and groups with their learning and social needs and goals.

Our drop off location is in idyllic Maleny nestled in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. The learning hub is surrounded by stunning gardens, inside and outside learning areas and gorgeous green lawn for outside games.

We use a guided approach to increase engagement, socialisation and structured learning. During small group sessions there are individual, partner and small group activities that promote social and interpersonal skills using a project-based curriculum where possible. Life-skills for older students are offered such as budgeting, financial management and more is available.


Session Time:

The duration of the program, the size of the group, and the length of each session are subject to variation based on the specific requirements and preferences of both the individual participants and the group as a whole. It is important to note that the flexibility in these aspects is designed to accommodate the unique needs and dynamics of each group and to ensure an optimal and personalised experience for all involved.

The maximum group size is set at 6 individuals, allowing for an personalised and focused environment that promotes effective



We provide almost all resources such as books, scrapbooks, stationery, art/craft supplies, educational games and resources, extra stationery including glue, scissors, rulers etc. We will provide other learning materials where applicable.*`.  


"Inspired Minds are not only a wealth of knowledge but also the kindest teachers. My two kids absolutely loved their time with them and learnt so much in such a caring and fun environment. Couldn't recommend them highly enough!"

- L

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