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New Year New Opportunities

Wow, we are so excited to be offering a new service this year! After months of preparation, we can now offer a drop-off service at our Maleny property. At this stage we are offering Thursdays for 10-14 year old children and looking at more days for other ages throughout the year. There are full and half day options available depending on your child's need. The morning session 9-11:30 will be an English and maths focus embedded with a range of fun and enagaging activities. The afternoon session 12-2:30 will be more child-guided learning based on group interests and needs. This may include all other areas such as science, history etc or can be skill based. Throughout the day, there will be ample opportunities for fun and creativity to elicit higher engagement which inturn consolidates learning on a deeper level. Contact Julie via the contact us link on our website to learn more.

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